How clear are your Values, Vision and Mission within your team? Does everyone know it? Memorised it? Living it? Passionate about it? Working together with one mind and one purpose?

New Heights offers a process that builds conviction, clarity and togetherness in the pursuit of the vision of your organisation.


Too often when things are not working well, a leader and their team look for a different strategy to obtain a different result. While there is merit in this approach, there is significant risk of being stuck in a strategy cycle that can lead to mission drift and even division.


The New Heights process of seeing organisations having a lasting Greater Impact facilitates the link between strategy and identity. (A strategic plan is not strategic unless it is aligned with the very essence of who you are as an organisation.)


This coaching process (6 sessions spaced over 2 months) will facilitate your team having a deep conviction of who you are as an organisation and team. It will help you gain a high resolution picture of the vision you desire to see! It will also create a sense of togetherness as you activate a purposeful mission of what you do together day in, day out! It is from this foundation that strategic plans are aligned and implemented. 


When we have seen organisations engage in this process and gained conviction, clarity and togetherness with their Values, Vision and Mission, there has been lasting Impact!  


It would be a privilege for New Heights to serve you in this intentional growth journey to see your vision become a reality.

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New Heights offers a Professional Development package in Partnership with the Global Leadership Network. Featuring world-class pre-recorded speakers and engaging group discussions to maximise learning, the GLS Business will strengthen the leadership skills of everyone in your organisation. With practical and actionable content, every session will stimulate growth, increase engagement and improve productivity. 

GLS Business features 4 sessions (and more) of world-class content from the vault of the Global Leadership Summit, which can be utilised for professional development in small-groups or presented as part of entire staff events. It is extremely flexible, and we will coach you the whole way to make this a significant growth process for your whole team!

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  • Growing leadership resilience and capacity

  • Enhancing interpersonal communication skills

  • Understanding generational behaviours

  • Building a culture of innovation

  • Maximising team cohesion and performance