Speaking Engagements

Kev has a unique and passionate approach to inspire and place courage within people to have a Greater Impact. Kev has 3 keynote messages ready to go, or we can customise a speaking engagement to add to your next team event or corporate function.

3 Keynote Inspiring Messages

Living with Greater Impact

We all have gifts, strengths and passions to really make a difference in this life. We also have the choice and responsibility to discover these and invest them for a Greater Impact! Living with Greater Impact inspires people to go deeper in understanding who they are (either individuals or organisations), gaining clarity on a picture of what Greater Impact looks like, then having the plan and courage to go for it!

Living the Dream

We hear the phrase "Living the Dream" often, and we can think that this is something like lying on a hammock in Bali sipping a cocktail! However, Living the Dream is much more involved and adventurous, taking truck-loads of determination! Living the Dream explores a 6-part growth cycle that motivates momentum towards Living your Dream! It is super-encouraging to know that some of the hardest push-through moments are actually part of you Living the Dream!

Living Intentionally

Lifting our intentionality and following through on our good intentions is hard self-leadership, but totally worth it!  Living Intentionally explores 7 principles that lead to practical steps and larger perspectives to help people lead themselves to New Heights. From Hope to Strategy, and everything in between, you will be inspired to get to work on what you would really hope to achieve with your life!

Custom Speaking Engagement

We can connect to discuss and tailor a speaking engagement message that is right in the zone of what you would want to say or see happen within your team or organisation. Book a call, send an email enquiry, let's chat!